Initiation #4 | Quartier Opéra

Initiation #4 | Opera district

For beginners and anyone who wanted to discover pickleball with Pickleball Paris, this time we were in the Opéra Garnier district. We also had more experienced players to take advantage of the fields and exchange some nice points.

The initiation was held on Sunday September 10 from 2 p.m. next to Place Edouard VII, in the middle of rue Bruno Coquatrix (Paris 9).

So it was once again a great pleasure to see you all to introduce you to pickleball, and to exchange some nice points with the regulars. We hope you still had as good a time as we did playing together and sharing this experience.
A special shout out to Antoine and Lisa, who helped us transform the space in front of the #lAmidepersonnel sculpture into a pickleball court!

All photos and videos can be found here.

Pickleball Paris Initiation Edouard District 7

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