Pickleball Paris en Île-de-France

Pickleball Paris in Île-de-France

We tested a slightly different format to venture into a new experience. On September 2, 2023, we partnered with the event organized by Pickleball Paris Ouest. And it is alongside them and those of Pickleball Ivry-sur-Seine and Pickleball Vexin Center that we had the pleasure of meeting you at the Chaville Tennis Club with no less than 8 pickleball courts.

We have rarely seen so many of you! And we can no longer be surprised to see the crowds at these moments of discovery, noting with joy the continued growth of this sport in our region! So we are obviously extremely happy to share with you some of the videos and photos that we took to immortalize this afternoon of pickleball.

All photos and videos can be found here.

Pickleball Paris in Île-de-France

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Bonsoir Siari,
N’hésitez pas à vous inscrire à l’une de nos sessions, nous serons heureux de vous faire découvrir le pickleball. De nouveaux joueurs débutent chaque semaine !

Pickleball Paris

Comment fait on pour découvrir et jouer au pickleball


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